Killed in a robbery, a thirty-year-old woman is resuscitated in the hospital, then goes through psychotic episodes because of this life-after-death experience.

A mystery writer is horrified to find that a murderer is using the stories she publishes online to commit his crimes.

In the late 2010s, the director and his sister’s efforts to find a decent CHSLD for their mother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Engaged in a toxic relationship with a new colleague, a popular Montreal drag queen tries to reconnect with his singer mother, whom he has always idealized.

In a remote corner of Thailand, an 8-year-old girl, with the help of her parents, builds a life-size version of a fairy land she’s invented from scratch.

A teenager, who accidentally caused the death of his farmer father, is suspicious of a stranger who hangs around his mother under the guise of helping her.

A Quebec sports journalist goes to the Mexican coast to find a young figure skater who mysteriously disappeared during a competition.

The descent into hell of a young woman, caught between a hospitalized mother, catatonic for years, and a taciturn father with whom she has an ambiguous relationship.

In a future world where procreation has become obsolete, a dreamy, non-conformist calligrapher sets out on a mission to save the last female specimen.

In order to pay her husband’s hospital bills, a woman rents out rooms in their home to people online, including a rather disturbing young girl.

In Montreal, a thirty-something tech-savvy woman has an unbounded fascination for a man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing three teenage girls.

The joyful adventures of an optimistic and impulsive mouse and a little white stuffed cat who thinks before he acts.

In the 1980s, the tender but complicated relationship between a young girl raised on a commune and her emotionally immature hippie mother.

A portrait of Bulgarian-Canadian animation filmmaker Theodore Ushev, tracing the links between the filmmaker’s life, his political convictions and his artistic career.

Daughter of a librarian and a filmmaker, the director travels the world to understand, in the digital age, the future of the preservation and transmission of the memory of peoples.

After the death of her mother and the arrest of her father, a young girl is armed with courage and leaves Syria to begin a long journey that will take her to Europe and then to Canada.

The life of farmers who decided to settle in Dawson City, Yukon, near the Arctic Circle.

A Toronto-based inkmaker, that uses berries, plants and wildflowers, sells its products to artists around the world.

In mourning for their mother, two sisters confront a supernatural entity that feeds on their pain, left in their home by a patient of their therapist father.

A survivor of domestic violence suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder joins a therapy group while hiking in the Canadian Rockies.

A cartoonist, who earns her living in an underground dance club, tries to solve, with the help of her best friend, the successive disappearances of her colleagues.

In the late 1990s, two computer geniuses from Waterloo, Ontario, developed the first smart phone in history.

While enjoying an all-inclusive vacation on an island paradise, a couple witnesses a fatal accident, which brings out the dark and dangerous aspects of the site.

A young beluga whale, unique in size and color, travels to the Arctic to fulfill the last wish of his dying grandmother: to find his childhood sweetheart.

While their parents are away for the weekend, two brothers who don’t get along get together at a party at their house.

The employment process of Mexican and Central American refugees by large meat processing plants located in different regions of Quebec.

Exploration of several persistent stereotypes and prejudices associated with the image of the Afro-descendant woman for decades.

A teenage girl discovers that the garden gnomes in her new home are not what they seem, and that she will have to fight them.