A suburban family plots murder when an uncle crashes Sunday dinner with a nasty surprise.

Two cheerleaders question their romantic relationship after joining a team of girls older than them.

Upon discovering her husband’s infidelity, a secondhand dealer threatens divorce to win him back, unaware that he was looking for an excuse to leave with his lover.

A thirty-something man and his three friends rekindle old memories during a lakeside weekend.

A violinist returns home after the recent death of her mother and tutors the daughter of a country music star to prepare her for the upcoming holiday concert.

A young videographer meets a fledgling UFO cultist and his gang of lost boys.

After surviving the streets, a Cree elder reappropriates the ancestral knowledge of spiritual ceremonies linked to the stars.

Members of Montreal’s queer community are evicted from their apartment on Parthenais Street, where they had been living happily for ten years.

In Montreal in the 1990s, a teenager flees his underprivileged neighbourhood and unstable family environment to try his hand at various experiments in the downtown core.

A woman is having an affair with the owner of the lakeside establishment where she is staying with her husband.

A lesbian artist embarks on a project of physical revenge against men who abuse women.

The exceptional career of Quebec animation filmmaker Pierre Hébert, master of the art of etching on film.

A retired Newfoundland fisherman persists in staying in his small harbor hometown, despite a government notice to relocate the population.

In New England, a lobster fisherman, struggling with a dysfunctional family, discovers a moss with magical properties.

Contemporary artists open the doors of their studios, located in a former industrial building in Montreal, recently purchased by real estate developers.

A New York marketing expert inherits her great-uncle’s farm and falls in love with the deceased’s assistant.

The owner of a new catering company attends a major annual event in New Hampshire.

Literary columnist Claudia Larochelle asks whether or not the Quebec population enjoys reading, and explores ways to encourage them to read more.

From her basement, a sociopathic manipulator sets herself the challenge of overcoming the stock market system to make her fortune.

Sexually assaulted by a stranger, a gay musician spends the weekend finding money for preventive treatment against HIV infection.

Against an environmental backdrop requiring the elimination of 20% of the world’s population, a family dinner takes a dramatic turn.

In a near-future dominated by artificial intelligence, a young woman must cleanse her DNA of all types of emotion by going back into her past lives.

After the senseless murder of his daughter during an initiation rite, a man swears revenge and kills the murderer himself, whom the law cannot directly link to the case.

Returning to her Nova Scotia hometown after a 10-year absence, a young unemployed woman assesses the impact of her departure on her family.

A family tragedy prompts a Chinese girl from Saskatchewan to embrace her Cree heritage.

In Karachi, a medical student struggles to keep her family together while being stalked by forces she can’t entirely understand.

In an alternate world where emotions are forbidden, a Insurance broker who has endured devastating emotional blows gives her heart to the man she’s fallen for.

During World War II, Polish nurse Irene Gut Opdyke saves the lives of 12 Jews by hiding them in the villa of a German officer.