During an emotionally difficult winter, with a space freighter threatening to crash to Earth, a young artist embarks on an unusual photographic project.

In order to understand the origin of the bipolar disorder that affects the lives of her brother and sister, the director retraces the chaotic past of her father, a con artist with multiple identities.

Living on Cape Breton Island, a couple of young addicts try to get clean with a methadone treatment.

A Montreal musician living in Mexico gives piano lessons to the young son of a man in mourning for his mother.

The drummer of a punk-rock band gets his junkie brother

A lonely, insecure teenager joins a gang of tricksters who film their exploits with a cellphone, hoping to win the heart of the leader

In a factory, workers discuss their working conditions, while a young unemployed woman wanders among them looking for a job.

Following the death of his mother, a Syrian living in Montreal visits his native country with his mistress.


An inventory of natural resources in Quebec through the words of those who live off them.

At his mother’s request, a man travels across India in search of his twin brother, a soldier who has mysteriously disappeared in this vast country.

The misfortunes of a young woman in the midst of an existential crisis, battling against a group of thugs in a remote corner of the country.

In a Quebec cottage, the love story of a Bulgarian immigrant with a compatriot she met on the Internet takes an unusual turn.

A documentary filmmaker tries to track down a painter who disappeared fifteen years earlier after burning all his work.

On Christmas Eve, in a hospital, a filmmaker decides to settle the score with his disabled and autistic father for good.

Tired of living off of little tricks, a fifty-year-old schemer attempts a big score under the watchful eye of a documentary filmmaker.

The theme of exile is explored through the experiences of people living in various parts of the world.

In Montreal, a suicidal photographer rediscovers the will to live after meeting his new neighbor who is lonely like him.

A student goes to meet up with a young friend at the summer cottage rented by her parents.

A woman abandoned by her husband ends up in a shabby hotel where she observes the comings and goings of people.

Portrayal of Ernest Dufault

In Montreal, in 1904, a tailor of Sicilian origin is sentenced to death for accidentally killing a French Canadian.

Quebec boxer Ga

After the suicide of her violent and alcoholic uncle, the director collects the testimonies of her aunt, her cousin and her grand-cousin.

Recording of various operations taking place in the emergency department of the Sacr