Interviews, concert and archival footage bring to life the stories of eight of the most prominent women in the heavy metal genre.

A hijacked airliner faces imminent disaster with just 97 minutes of fuel left.

Following the disappearance of a notorious burglar, his daughter helps a collector find the artworks he had stolen.

Working in a marina, an unlucky student in love meets the spirit of a dead actress who must do a good deed to reach heaven.

In Moscow during the Cold War, a spy falls in love with an idealistic politician in order to steal important information.

On the cusp of fatherhood, the young mechanic on an interstellar ark bound for New Earth battles an alien intruder intent on using the ship as a weapon.

In New York, a modest postal worker travels to Egypt to take belly dancing lessons from a legendary instructor.

The filmmaker profession as seen through the experiences of some thirty female directors.

Without his pregnant wife knowing, a penniless Prince Edward Island fisher finds a bag full of money and decides to keep it.

A young woman haunted by the loss of her partner attempts to cross parallel dimensions to find him.

A young female novelist in search of inspiration meets a down-on-his-luck oddball man who constantly changes his personality.

The following morning of a wild Halloween party, a woman, dressed in a jewel thief costume, wakes up and discovers that all of the guests have been murdered.

A newly-married gunfighter reconnects with his criminal past when he shoots the brother of his small town’s corrupt mayor in self-defense.

A dedicated female cop tries to protect a gangster arrested for thievery and murder from his boss who wants him dead at any cost.

During her stay in the isolated cabin she has just inherited, a young orphan woman forms an unusual bond with a local man who used to work for her parents.

In September 1916, the Canada’s 21st battalion prepares for the battle of Courcelette, In France.

A young mother discovers a lullaby and soon regards it as a blessing, but her world collapses when the lullaby brings forth an ancient demon.

While hiking in the wilderness, a teenage girl and her friends come across drug dealers, who have survived their plane crash.

A heated game of poker causes three prisoners brutalize their cellmate before cover up their crime.

In their off hours, four perfect high school students execute elaborate murders.

An ex-cop teams up with a young detective to find his brother’s killer.

After being robbed, a young couple’s life changes dramatically when the wife is trapped in her home and her husband tortures those responsible.

A group of friends stumble upon a portal to a multiverse, but soon discover that importing knowledge from the other side in order to better their lives has dangerous consequences.

A woman who has srious problems withher aging skin discovers that she can replace her own skin with somebody else’s.

In northern Idaho, the chance meeting between a young African-American man, a white nationalist and a couple of tourists.

In the near future, a man and his sister witness the dark designs of a government-backed police protection company.

Haunted by her involvement in a car accident, a young woman is transformed by her relationship with the victim’s father, who teaches her forgiveness and gives her a new lease on life.

The annual reunion of six childhood friends at a cottage in the woods is marred by the revelation that one of them is guilty of sexual assault.

The opioid crisis disadvantages patients with unbearable pain who are denied life-saving medications.