During the First World War, a young Ontario soldier returning home is drawn into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of an unscrupulous entrepreneur.

After the senseless murder of his daughter during an initiation rite, a man swears revenge and kills the murderer himself, whom the law cannot directly link to the case.

Meet Canadians who have decided to live without electricity or natural gas.

After discovering evidence that eluded the police, a crime scene cleaner helps a rookie detective track down a murderer.

Portrait of a Hollywood giant who, in the 1940’s and 50’s, changed the rules for paying actors and founded Universal Studios.

A look back at some of Hollywood’s entertainment sex scandals.

After her daughter leaves for university, a mother has to take care of the grieving ex-boyfriend, whom she finds hard to cope with.

A Nigerian refugee cab driver in Toronto launders her boss’s dirty money in exchange for his promise to bring her son back home.

Suffering from a reproductive disorder called MRKH syndrome, a 16-year-old girl questions her sexual identity and her relationships with her friends and family.

A small-time crook who has lost a large sum of money at the track is betrayed by his partner, an ambitious young pickpocket.

Two sisters transport their grandmother’s body from Toronto to Maritimes by refrigerated truck, for burial.

The crew of a fishing boat that leaves from Alaska must brave a storm from the Arctic.

The harrowing story of a couple whose gay teenage son was the victim of a brutal murder.

On a remote island, a property developer and his girlfriend are pursued by bloodthirsty locals.

In Toronto in 1989, as drugs take their toll on the city’s streets, a man sets out to find his little brother, who has been kidnapped.

A former Russian actor and dancer befriends and falls in love with a younger aspiring dancer.

In a small Canadian town, after buying a car without his parents’ permission, a teenager and his friends embark on a series of incredible adventures.

A grieving man, unhappy in his job as an adult film editor, falls in love with a call girl, who nevertheless has several skeletons in the closet.

A Toronto teenager, who has moved with her overprotective father to Prince Edward Island, fraternizes with the youth fauna at a nearby beach.

Dancers involved in a massacre at a Wisconsin strip club see the past resurface.

A mother discovers that her daughter who has been welcomed into the circle of the cheerleaders at her new school is spending her evenings prostituting herself to the richest men in town.

Disillusioned with her life, a young woman adopts the identity of a stranger who has just been killed.

A policeman accused of a murder he didn’t commit returns to his former life to clear his name.

At a sleepover, a group of teenage girls embark on a role-playing game to uncover the truth about a former classmate’s suicide.

A young woman sets out to save her twin sisters, who are being held by an evil spirit imprisoned in a machine.

The conflicting opinions of two First Nations men as they prepare to set up a roadblock.

Eight people experience various upheavals in their love lives when the planets Jupiter and Venus align.

Two criminals on the run force a young widow to reveal where her late husband hid a batch of stolen jewelry.