After the senseless murder of his daughter during an initiation rite, a man swears revenge and kills the murderer himself, whom the law cannot directly link to the case.

Portrait of John Murry, American singer-songwriter caught up by his demons after the 2013 release of the critically acclaimed album “The Graceless Age”.

Disfigured following botched plastic surgery, a young woman takes revenge on all those who make fun of her appearance.

A former schoolteacher sets out to prove that her father’s death in a workplace accident was caused by the criminal negligence of her employer.

A young boy who has been kidnapped by an escaped convict sympathizes with the man.

A bare-knuckle fighter takes revenge on the corrupt police chief who once killed his mother and destroyed his village, on the orders of a guru with political ambitions.

Years after a global catastrophe, the last human beings are doing everything they can to avoid disappearing.

A horror writer spends a night alone in a mansion to solve a decades-old mystery.

Meet Canadians who have decided to live without electricity or natural gas.

At the request of their coach, the players of an amateur hockey team take a trip to the woods to prepare for an important game.

When his mother dies, an Egyptian teenager moves to Toronto with his father, where he begins a career as a drag queen.

After her daughter leaves for university, a mother has to take care of the grieving ex-boyfriend, whom she finds hard to cope with.

Sadistic butchers are captured by cannibals even more dangerous than themselves.

Released after serving a sentence for drunk driving causing death, a man is threatened by a member of his victims’ family.

Three sisters, who once enjoyed musical success, are struggling with the schizophrenia of one of them.

Disappointed by the state of the world, the director embarks on an ambitious filmed journey through the Canadian wilderness.

The only survivors of the massacre of their dynasty, a young duke and his priestess mother prepare their revenge, with the support of rebels living in the desert.

A Nigerian refugee cab driver in Toronto launders her boss’s dirty money in exchange for his promise to bring her son back home.

The melting of the ice pack causes the involuntary separation of a couple of polar foxes, about to have a cub.

Suffering from a reproductive disorder called MRKH syndrome, a 16-year-old girl questions her sexual identity and her relationships with her friends and family.

A film documenting the rise of the legendary “Notic” street basketball crew.

The director paints a portrait of his father, actor Leonard Nimoy, made world-famous by his character Spock in the “Star Trek” series.

A man with a drab life gets into trouble trying to prove that he once studied at university with actress Elizabeth Banks.

Portrait of Roger Joseph Augustine, Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

The intertwined destinies of an untouchable Indian woman, the daughter of an Italian craftsman and a Canadian female lawyer.

Portrait of a group of wheelchair athletes as they converge in British Columbia, Canada for the BC Summer Race Series.

One day, a young daycare worker is visited by a stranger who claims to be her older sister.

On a remote island, a property developer and his girlfriend are pursued by bloodthirsty locals.

In Toronto in 1989, as drugs take their toll on the city’s streets, a man sets out to find his little brother, who has been kidnapped.