The employment process of Mexican and Central American refugees by large meat processing plants located in different regions of Quebec.

A young man regains consciousness after passing out on the street and wonders if he was struck by lightning after a recent breakup or if he was abducted by aliens.

On the verge of moving to the regions to revive his career, a Montreal cook of Mexican origin is forced to take in the son of his drug-addicted daughter.

A young mother from a Himalayan village joins a caravan bound for the highlands of Nepal, where “yarsagumba” (mountain viagra) grows and is sold at a premium in China.

A former archery champion, widow and mother of a little girl, is upset by the return of her stepson, in the company of a mysterious woman.

Three immigrants, who arrived in Canada without their parents as children, share their stories.

In Napierville, a customs officer who was laid off for sexual misconduct is suspected of being behind the pornographic drawings posted on the church doors.

On May 22, 2015, Mario lodged a .22 caliber bullet in his head, and the director, his closest and oldest friend, unpacks what led to his desperate act.

Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with the hope of reconnecting with their estranged father. (Source: Les Films du 3 mars)

Introducing a new approach to mental health care that is more therapeutic and empathetic, and less focused on medication.

Several years after her father’s death, the director sets out to complete the film he wanted to make about a mythical place that captivated him.

Two young people from Témiscamingue wonder about their life and their future in the region, while preparing to head off for CEGEP.

In July 2019, five women undertake the perilous crossing of Kuururjuaq Park in Quebec’s far north.

The director follows her autistic brother and another young woman with developmental disabilities as they train for the 2019 Special Olympics in Dubai.

A former walrus trainer faces legal intimidation from his ex-boss to prevent him from revealing the abuse he witnessed.

At the lost and found counters of the Société de transport de Montréal, people hope to be reunited with their cherished possessions.