A 10-year-old girl, a budding paleontologist, devotes herself body and soul to the well-being of dinosaurs.

A conservative choir director inherits the San Francisco drag club that belonged to her recently deceased son.

In 1984, a broke artist in the Montreal queer scene is suddenly and unwillingly entrusted with the care of her little niece, of Aboriginal origin, the daughter of her adopted sister.

A holiday romantic comedy that captures the range of emotions tied to wanting your family’s acceptance, being true to yourself, and trying not to ruin Christmas by revealing a nasty secret. (Source: IMDB)

A Romance book editor housesits for her bestselling novelist, sharing the home with a self-help coach who needs the space to host workshops for Valentine’s Day.

Back in her hometown for her sister’s wedding, a New York pastry chef convinces her childhood sweetheart to hold the ceremony at his bed and breakfast.

Obsessed with his Instagramming neighbor, a conspiratorial bike messenger forgets an important delivery, angering his violent boss.

On the verge of realizing her dream of being a jeweler, a young woman learns that the space she wants to rent is also coveted by her rich childhood enemy.

As the holidays approach, a nineteen-year-old from Montreal with no apartment gets a job as a dishwasher in a restaurant to pay off his heavy gambling debts.

A marketing whiz goes to settle the affairs of her late aunt, who owned a tea store in a quiet small town.

In a small town, the owner of an artisanal cheese factory teams up with a food critic to win the top prize at the annual cheese festival.

After losing his job because of a sexist joke that has gone viral, an engineer wants to cure himself of his supposed misogyny while his wife is in the throes of postpartum depression.

Two days before Christmas, various men and women from Montreal, Quebec City and Charlevoix experience dramas and mishaps that compromise their holiday gatherings.

Aliens travel to a planet populated by animals, in search of the powers of a panda, the star of a TV series they were watching via satellite.

Addicted to drugs and going through a divorce, a neurosurgeon returns to the native reserve where he grew up and where his father has just died.

A woman must team up with her ex-boyfriend to find her dog, who ran away on Christmas Eve.

On her way to New York where the producers of a cooking show are waiting for her, a chef’s car breaks down in a small town where a widowed innkeeper lives.

A self-absorbed teenager finds the spirit of Christmas when she meets a very special girl.

A nerdy teen realizes that the French student he brought to his Ontario home is, contrary to what he’d hoped, macho and good at sports.

A sequence of events leads a young swimmer to undergo a heart transplant, which forces him to give up his Olympic dream.

Forced to look inward at the insistence of her mother, who is suffering from terminal cancer, a single, unemployed, 30-year-old woman finally questions herself.

To find her boyfriend’s killer, a teenage girl hires a clueless private investigator who, in his younger days, was a big shot in their small town.

In England, a young woman who grew up in Africa is working to reunite the families of Ethiopian refugees who fled the civil war.

Thanks to her mother’s determination and her manager’s wise advice, a young Quebecer becomes a global singing sensation.

To pay the mortgage on her house, a photographer finds a roommate online, who turns out to be charming and helpful, but a little overprotective.

Haunted by visions of killing a student friend, a young woman discovers that her psychiatrist husband has manipulated her memories to cover up his own role in the murder.

The teenage daughter of a nomadic clown with libertarian ideals causes an uproar when she expresses her intention to attend a private school.

The director paints a portrait of his late father, Paul Rose, a major figure in the October 1970 crisis in Quebec.

During a trip to the city, a rabbit is led by a fellow bunny into an ambitious dried fruit heist.

In 1989, a Globe and Mail reporter sets out to prove that a young Quebec drug addict, detained in Thailand for drug trafficking, had been framed by RCMP officers.