After the senseless murder of his daughter during an initiation rite, a man swears revenge and kills the murderer himself, whom the law cannot directly link to the case.

A battered man convinces himself that his 10-year-old son is the new messiah.

A boy who has befriended a talking goose tries to outwit his school principal who wants to prepare it for Christmas dinner.

A lawyer makes sure her small-town drive-in doesn’t close at Christmas, by negotiating with the owner who wants to sell it.

A young Chinese-Canadian woman uses Taoist spells to help her single mother only to witness its unexpected effects.

With the help of a trio of eccentric singers and a resourceful dog, an old lady tries to free her cycling grandson who has been kidnapped by the French mafia.

Pregnant by a seducer who disappeared after conning her, a woman learns that he has a twin brother, also a romantic swindler.

During the Christmas holiday, a former TV host has to share a ski chalet with her son, her ex-husband and his new girlfriend.

A quilting teacher teams up with a firefighter to make a Christmas quilt in time for his sister’s wedding.

In Montreal, a literature professor and family man is seduced by one of his students, who shares his passion for a famous Chekhov short story.

A literature student struggling to break free from her difficult past has a dead-end affair with a married professor.

An art gallery employee who dreams of marrying a wealthy man is seduced by a destitute young artist.

As Christmas approaches, the co-hosts of a home improvement show develop feelings for each other.

An influencer and a publicist are magically doomed to relive the same Christmas Eve, until they discover what’s really important in life.

A hired hand plans to eventually take over his boss farm are shattered when the son of the latter returns to claim his birthright.

After her fourteen-year-old daughter contracts syphilis, a mother tries to raise awareness among school officials about the problems of sexual promiscuity among students.

A desperate man travels to Mexico for a risky experimental procedure in hopes of a cure for his cancer, only to discover the operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable.

A detective and his new partner investigate the murders of their colleagues, perpetrated with the same methods used by a now-deceased serial killer and torturer.

A detective, a medical examiner, and his assistant investigate murders bearing the signature of a serial killer who died 10 years earlier.

In New York City, a former hitman returns to seek revenge on the son of a Russian kingpin who stole his car and killed the puppy his deceased wife left him.

The organizer of a church Christmas show gets a little ahead of herself when she announces the participation of Motown legend Smokey Robinson.

The story of former diplomat Gary Smith and the role he played between Canada and the Soviet Union during the 1972 field hockey series, during the Cold War.

Ten years after a mining accident that took her parents’ lives, a bassist on tour in Europe briefly returns to her Abitibi town, where she reconnects with her old band.

A ragtag gang of Irish bank robbers from Montreal rose to become one of North America’s most feared criminal organizations.

The ups and downs of actor Burt Reynolds career and private life, especially with Loni Anderson and his adopted son.

A young museum guide, who has a bad fishy smell that makes him unseemly, finds his dreary life brightened when a nice girl takes an interest in him.