A widow recalls a CBC television program from the 1950s, featuring the man she secretly loved and never saw again.

In Bogotá, a teenage girl living with her parents finds her life turned upside down by a series of unpredictable and unhealthy events.

A portrait of a young woman as she navigates the intimidating terrain of sex, desire, and identity.

An intimate look at post-revolution Libya through the eyes of an aspiring all-female soccer team.

Having fled to Toronto since the murder of her husband six years earlier, a Colombian woman raising her teenage daughter alone finds her past resurfacing.

The director evokes the memory of her teenage cousin, murdered in the United States in 2008, while imagining what might have become of her.

After several years of absence, a Métis mother returns to her community with the hope of regaining custody of her daughter, whom she had entrusted to her brother.

Portrait of the American jazz musician Billy Tipton, whose transmasculinity was only revealed after his death in 1989.

New York residents talk about their lives and hopes for the future in a time of political division and climate change.

The crew of a submarine in distress receives a surprise visit from a wood runner (coureur des bois), whose fate is linked to that of a young amnesiac, prisoner of a pack of lycanthropes.

The life of the animals of the Hemmingford Safari Park in a subliminal succession of images captured over the four seasons.

Aboard a train crossing Winnipeg, a narrator plunged into a restless sleep summons the shifts of this metropolis in the Canadian prairies.

A young detective investigates the nature of the strange cavities he noticed in the heads of all the children of an orphanage located on an island.

A look at the daily lives of eight residents of a geriatric care facility.

In 1933, in Winnipeg, a beer baroness launches a contest to find the saddest music in the world.

The final weeks of five patients in a Toronto Salvation Army hospital.

A cosmetician seeks to make a place for himself in a society plagued by physical and psychological imbalances.

A glimpse into life at a rehabilitation home for troubled children.

A Toronto bank teller takes advantage of a robbery to embezzle a large sum of money for himself.

Twenty-four contemporary poets, including Charles Bukowski and Allen Ginsberg, read some of their work and comment on current poetry.

Twin gynecologists who share all their experiences see their reputations jeopardized the day one of them falls in love with an actress.

An overview of the history of American comics.

After accidentally killing his wife, an exterminator takes refuge in a strange fantasy land populated by bizarre creatures.

An insurance agent, married with children, has strange intimate relationships with some of his clients.

A Canadian photographer of Armenian origin travels to the country of his ancestors to photograph old churches for a calendar project.

Recalling the origins of the “”twist””, a popular dance among Americans in the 1960s.