Teenagers enrol at a prestigious magic school to master the extraordinary powers they have been given.

In mourning for their mother, two sisters confront a supernatural entity that feeds on their pain, left in their home by a patient of their therapist father.

While their parents are away for the weekend, two brothers who don’t get along get together at a party at their house.

Scientists and lovers Katia and Maurice Krafft died in a volcanic explosion doing the very thing that brought them together: unraveling the mysteries of volcanoes by capturing the most explosive imagery ever recorded.

A 13-year-old girl turns into a giant red panda when she gets too excited.

Portrait of the flamboyant wife of televangelist Jim Bakker, founder of a media empire that collapsed in 1989.

In 2563, in a post-apocalyptic world, a scientist patches up and revives a cyborg with a super-warrior past, giving her the appearance and name of his dead daughter.

Living on Cape Breton Island, a couple of young addicts try to get clean with a methadone treatment.

A broke artist working as a waitress kidnaps a customer in order to take him with her to her parents’ house for Christmas.

In Alaska, an ex-convict teams up with his sheriff brother to find the latter

A former immature sperm donor learns that 142 of his 533 biological children want to know his identity.

Talking dogs come to Santa’s rescue when a piece of ice containing Christmas magic begins to melt in an alarming way.

After learning that he is the son of the god Poseidon, an American teenager embarks on a perilous adventure to clear his name for stealing Zeus

During his high school graduation ceremony, a shy student declares his love for a pretty classmate who has never laid eyes on him.

At the risk of disappointing her mother, a gifted teenager with a knack for science decides to follow her dream of becoming a figure skater.

Explorers discover a pyramid buried under the ice in Antarctica where two species of aliens are fighting.

Each year, an angel is given the task of bringing back the Christmas spirit to a depressed person.

Survivors of a plane crash in the Andes manage to keep themselves alive for weeks by eating human flesh.

A widower and his son have a lot of problems with their new, fully computerized home that acts like a virtual mother.

Two kids get their hands on a machine that allows them to control the temperature.