For years, Tara Emory, a transgender woman, a former porn star, has been creating a science fiction film called UP URANUS from scratch from her home.

A Belgian couple living in autarky in the heart of the Gaspe boreal forest wonders about the future of their three sons who are soon to be adults.

Three brothers embark on a fishing trip with the hope of reconnecting with their estranged father. (Source: Les Films du 3 mars)

The last members of Quebec’s congregation of Marie Auxiliatrice talk about their struggles for women’s rights and social justice.

Portrait of the American jazz musician Billy Tipton, whose transmasculinity was only revealed after his death in 1989.

In the middle of winter in Montreal, social workers and members of a special police team try to bring care and comfort to the homeless.

The director follows her autistic brother and another young woman with developmental disabilities as they train for the 2019 Special Olympics in Dubai.

Two young women who met by chance reveal and confront each other over the course of a day spent wandering aimlessly.

At the lost and found counters of the Société de transport de Montréal, people hope to be reunited with their cherished possessions.

Born to a Guyanese father and a Polish mother, writer and photographer Serge Emmanuel Jongué pursues a poetic and political exposé on identity, memory, and belonging.

A solitary man, dressed and equipped like a soldier, travels the roads of rural Quebec.

Quebec painter and sculptor Armand Vaillancourt discusses his childhood, his fascination for nature, and the social issues that concern him.

In Central Anatolia, a look at a Kurdish village with the particularity of being inhabited almost exclusively by women, since the exodus of the majority of the men.

Over a period of one year, the activist and artistic activities of Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, Innu poet, director, and actor.

Documentary about the creation of wool carpets through the Zagros mountains of western Iran, the land of the Bakhtiaris.

Nightly meetings with residents of Exarcheia, a neighbourhood of Athens that was once the scene of major social upheavals.

Profile of the Israeli editor Ziva Postec, who took six years to analyze and assemble the 350 hours of film shot by Claude Lanzmann for his documentary “Shoah.”

Profile of the life and work of Quebec filmmaker André Forcier, through anecdotes and reenactments of key scenes from his films.

A year behind the scenes of the Montreal Metropolitan Orchestra, in the midst of preparing its first international tour, under the direction of conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin.

Two Argentinean cousins, who suffered male violence as children, break their vows of silence to encourage victims of such abuse to denounce their aggressors.

In Iqaluit, on a rocky island not far from the Arctic Circle, migrants from all horizons have landed with a similar impulse: to leave and try again.

Meetings between Indigenous people who make it their duty to transmit their ancestral languages to future generations, from the Great North to the limits of Montreal.

In Istanbul, the daily lives of thousands of street vendors have been turned upside down by the city’s unbridled gentrification.

In the heart of a deep forest, on the banks of a river, individuals who have come to recharge their batteries share their thoughts on life.

Suffering from a genetic disease that renders him nearly blind, a man tries to convince his hearing-impaired and bipolar friend to accompany him on his paragliding adventures.

Portrait of Gilles Gagné, a resident of the Isle-aux-Grues archipelago, who served as a hunting guide for the painter Jean-Paul Riopelle for nearly 30 years.

In Rio, during the 2016 Olympic Games, residents of an abandoned government building near the stadium are surviving in precarious conditions.

A citizen of Limoilou and her husband campaign against heavy metal dust emissions from transshipment activities in the Port of Quebec.