A Toronto teenager, who has moved with her overprotective father to Prince Edward Island, fraternizes with the youth fauna at a nearby beach.

With the help of a trio of eccentric singers and a resourceful dog, an old lady tries to free her cycling grandson who has been kidnapped by the French mafia.

Two estranged brothers find themselves stalked by a terrifying unknown presence while on a weekend hunting trip in remote British Columbia.

The story of Andrea Constand, the only one of Bill Cosby’s many victims who was able to gain a conviction for the former television star and serial sexual abuser.

The climate crisis, with its ecological devastation and humanitarian tragedies, is experienced as grief by many of the planet’s inhabitants.

Posing as a wealthy investor, Albert Rosenberg manages to swindle bankers and gallery owners for years all over the world.

The traumatic experiences of two Aboriginal children who were removed from their homes and placed in residential schools run by the Catholic clergy.

After rekindling her Christmas spirit, a young woman finally meets the man of her dreams.

Produced by Network Entertainment in collaboration with Universal Music Canada, this documentary celebrates the career of Canadian singer Anne Murray.

In Toronto, a drug dealer on the verge of quitting the business takes under his wing a teenager of Jamaican origin who is following the same criminal path as him.

In 1980, Robert Graham, an eccentric millionaire, creates a sperm bank with the semen of Nobel Prize winners, at the risk of being accused of sexism, racism, and eugenics.

An anthropological and social look at the implications of the upcoming advent of driverless cars.

A teenage girl who is not feeling well gets involved with two clients of the seniors’ residence run by her mother.

After 10 years of estrangement, a once famous mother-daughter singing duo records a new Christmas album.

The ordeal of a young gay Tamil man during the civil war in Sri Lanka.

Having developed a fear of dancing over the years, the director asks experts and professional dancers to help him understand this phenomenon.

An Indigenous activist is bailed out of jail by her brother, whom she has not seen in years.

After finding his mother, whom he thought was dead, a young Montrealer spots a seminarian in the courtyard of a monastery who looks strangely like him.

Upon learning that his days are numbered, a Montreal poetry teacher gets closer to his children and then returns to his native Ireland to write a book.

A farmer manages to murder nearly fifty marginalized women from Vancouver

The story of Colten Boushie, a 22-year-old Indigenous man of the First Nation who was fatally shot on a rural Saskatchewan farm by its owner.

Portraits of burlesque dancers who have shone on the stages of Las Vegas for more than fifty years.

A look into a Canadian prison to try to understand why so many women from vulnerable communities are incarcerated there.

An Afghan refugee leads his family and a few members of his community in his crazy plan to move to a small hamlet in the Canadian Prairies called Kandahar.

A downtrodden man experiences an ethical crisis and travels back to his hometown in rural Italy to recalibrate his moral compass.

During the copper rush of 1845, an indigenous woman and her new white husband are abandoned on an island in Lake Superior in the middle of winter.

Shoeshine boys working in five major cities around the world tell their stories.

In 1974 in the United States, a Japanese-born activist joins radical leftists on the run who are holding hostage a young heiress who has apparently taken up their cause.

In the summer of 2015, Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski, a former elite soldier and champion weightlifter, goes public with his decision to change his gender.