The getaway driver of a Mexican drug lord gets hired as a worker on a farm in the Montérégie region, owned by a family in turmoil.

In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, ex-offenders participate in a social reintegration program at a wood processing plant.

In July 2019, five women undertake the perilous crossing of Kuururjuaq Park in Quebec’s far north.

To escape persecution in Myanmar, more than 700,000 Rohingyas, citizens of Muslim faith, have found refuge in southern Bangladesh, in the Kutupalong camp.

At the lost and found counters of the Société de transport de Montréal, people hope to be reunited with their cherished possessions.

In a seniors’ residence in Montreal North, a patient in declining health is forced to move to a floor reserved for people with a loss of autonomy.

Quebec painter and sculptor Armand Vaillancourt discusses his childhood, his fascination for nature, and the social issues that concern him.

Inspired by the ghost of Brother Marie-Victorin and a journalist, a mead producer comes to the aid of Mexican workers exploited by a pesticide manufacturer.

Two Quebecois women in mourning for their sister attend the preparations for the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico.

About to leave their convent at almost 100 years old, the cloistered sisters of Berthierville, the only French-speaking community of Dominican nuns in North America, share their experiences.

By organizing the escape of her younger brother threatened with deportation, a young North African immigrant woman provokes a great movement of solidarity.

Profile of the life and work of Quebec filmmaker André Forcier, through anecdotes and reenactments of key scenes from his films.

The awakening of a reserved teenager through contact with a popular student at her new high school and an Abenaki classmate.

Returning to Quebec after an exile in the American West to avoid the draft, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator confronts the disturbing residents of a ghost town.

A citizen of Limoilou and her husband campaign against heavy metal dust emissions from transshipment activities in the Port of Quebec.

Astrophysicist Hubert Reeves and experts in various fields share their concerns about the threat of a sixth extinction of the planet’s animal and plant species.

A young Montrealer travels to Tadoussac to find her biological mother, who had abandoned her at birth.

In the 1970s, young Quebecers who didn’t know how to fit into industrial society found refuge in artistic creation.

Born in 1960 in a Montreal suburb, a young man who denies his homosexual impulses seeks his father’s approval.