Portrait of John Murry, American singer-songwriter caught up by his demons after the 2013 release of the critically acclaimed album “The Graceless Age”.

A horror writer spends a night alone in a mansion to solve a decades-old mystery.

After the death of her husband, a whimsical 50-year-old woman befriends three lonely teenagers who share her enthusiasm for Halloween costumes.

On vacation with her family, a young transgender woman is torn between her desire for independence and the comfort of being cared for by her family.

After finding his mother, whom he thought was dead, a young Montrealer spots a seminarian in the courtyard of a monastery who looks strangely like him.

A small-town reporter, accused of unspeakable crimes, reports on the progress of a massive forest fire that threatens to destroy his community.

When the Taliban put a price on his head, Afghan filmmaker Hassan Fazili fleas with his family and tries desperately to reach Europe.

Every year in Mexico, thousands of people disappear or die by gunfire, to the great agony of their loved ones, who are also confronted with the indifference of the authorities.

A young woman at perpetual odds with herself, tries to overcome the ordeal of the recent death of her mother, which has awakened painful memories.

Two friends with different personalities struggle to fulfill their dream of leaving their seedy town and moving to New York.

The awakening of a reserved teenager through contact with a popular student at her new high school and an Abenaki classmate.

Returning to Quebec after an exile in the American West to avoid the draft, a Charlie Chaplin impersonator confronts the disturbing residents of a ghost town.

The love affair between a teenager, a boarder at an all-boys school, and his older half-sister, a college student.

A thirty-year-old teacher upsets his partner and family when he reveals that he is in fact a woman in a man’s body.

A young detective investigates the nature of the strange cavities he noticed in the heads of all the children of an orphanage located on an island.

On the eve of the Bolshevik Revolution, a Canadian soldie in Russia is suffering from amnesia.