The experiences and career of Canadian writer David Adam Richards.

Portrait of Jessea Lu, China’s first female freediving champion.

The disappointment of the people of Malartic, Abitibi, ten years after the opening of Canada’s largest open-pit gold mine.

The story of a wealthy Thunder Bay businessman’s various attempts to salvage the wreck of a luxury yacht that sank in Lake Superior in 1911.

While investigating the circumstances surrounding his adoption by a Newfoundland family, the filmmaker discovers disturbing facts about his birth mother.

On an abandoned farm property they just bought, a young couple decide that if they’re going to eat meat, they should raise it themselves.

A 27 year old Ojibwe artist in Winnipeg records a video diary in which she copes with the passing, a year ago, of her partner in gender affirming surgery.

Documentary on the transformation of an iconic Toronto neighborhood – once home to the famous Honest Ed’s store.

After his father’s death, a brilliant student returns to the family home, where he discovers that the horrors of his childhood are still very much alive.

Eight Canadian women of Arab origin discuss feminism and other subjects considered taboo in the country they left behind.

In the summer of 2000, the federal fisheries department opposed a Mi’gmaq community in New Brunswick, despite fishing rights confirmed by the country’s highest court.

Interviews, concert and archival footage bring to life the stories of eight of the most prominent women in the heavy metal genre.

A portrait of three different couples in a seniors’ facility as they navigate the delights and challenges of late-in-life romance.

Returning home for the holidays, a civil servant is magically transported back five years to the time when she let the man of her life go.

The traditional art of canoe building, from an Alaskan native craftsman and a French-speaking builder from the Yukon.

250 years after the Great Deportation, Acadians are still fighting for the survival of their culture.

Returning to their native Argentina to learn tango, a man and his sister learn the reasons for their family’s emigration to North America.

A Malaysian, who immigrated to Canada in 1992, returns for the first time to his country, where he sees the ravages of human activity on the environment.

A portrait of Bulgarian-Canadian animation filmmaker Theodore Ushev, tracing the links between the filmmaker’s life, his political convictions and his artistic career.

Daughter of a librarian and a filmmaker, the director travels the world to understand, in the digital age, the future of the preservation and transmission of the memory of peoples.

Canadian women of African descent work together to overcome the trauma of clitoral excision and reclaim their bodies.

The challenges faced by a Nova Scotia musician who was paralyzed from the waist down after being attacked outside a nightclub.

In the Canadian boreal forest, black spruce and birch trees live together, talking to each other and deciding when to burn.

The philosophical foundations of democracy, from ancient Athens to modern Greece to the civil rights movement in the United States.

A Punjabi immigrant family in British Columbia reveals a dark, long-buried secret.

The life of farmers who decided to settle in Dawson City, Yukon, near the Arctic Circle.

A Toronto-based inkmaker, that uses berries, plants and wildflowers, sells its products to artists around the world.

In community archives across British Columbia, local knowledge keepers are hand-fashioning a more inclusive history. (Source: NFB)

Corey Lee’s efforts to reconnect with his father, martial arts legend Frank Lee.