Years after a global catastrophe, the last human beings are doing everything they can to avoid disappearing.

A horror writer spends a night alone in a mansion to solve a decades-old mystery.

Disappointed by the state of the world, the director embarks on an ambitious filmed journey through the Canadian wilderness.

A Nigerian refugee cab driver in Toronto launders her boss’s dirty money in exchange for his promise to bring her son back home.

Portrait of Roger Joseph Augustine, Regional Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

The intertwined destinies of an untouchable Indian woman, the daughter of an Italian craftsman and a Canadian female lawyer.

Portrait of a group of wheelchair athletes as they converge in British Columbia, Canada for the BC Summer Race Series.

Just as her chain-smoking grandmother is dying of lung cancer, a teenager tries to reconnect with her cult-affiliated mother.

On Christmas Eve, four idiots addicted to marijuana plan to rob the cash register of a seniors’ bingo hall.

After the death of her husband, a whimsical 50-year-old woman befriends three lonely teenagers who share her enthusiasm for Halloween costumes.

The story of Burger Baron, a fast food chain operating like a disorganized mafia.

A desperate man travels to Mexico for a risky experimental procedure in hopes of a cure for his cancer, only to discover the operation is a scam to defraud the most vulnerable.

On Prince Edward Island, a small-time private detective investigates an underground lobster-selling ring, with the help of a convenience store owner.

Several people find themselves trapped inside a suburban house, while deadly creatures sow panic in the neighbourhood.

Over the course of a year, the journey of a 29-year-old doctoral student and part-time faculty member who was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Locked up on the nights of full moon, an outcast teenager, struggling to make it as a hockey goalie, falls in love with a young figure skater.

Two Indigenous characters have an encounter that sets off a cosmic and environmental connection link to the past and future.

To prepare for a quiet wedding, a young city woman stays at her childhood cottage, where she reconnects with an old friend.

The joyful adventures of an optimistic and impulsive mouse and a little white stuffed cat who thinks before he acts.

Three couples at different stages of their relationships come to appreciate that any marriage requires equal doses of delusion, forgiveness, laughter, and sexual chemistry.

As he prepares to retire, a small-town police chief must investigate a mutilated body found on the banks of a river.

While hiking in the wilderness, a teenage girl and her friends come across drug dealers, who have survived their plane crash.

A girl navigates life with two neurodivergent parents and an extended family that can’t quite agree on the best way to help.

An ex-cop teams up with a young detective to find his brother’s killer.

Two students from an Ontario high school document their senior year, using videos shot by their peers.

In 2020, during the COVID 19 pandemic, the group July Talk takes the risk of presenting an outdoor show in a drive-in theater.

Haunted by her involvement in a car accident, a young woman is transformed by her relationship with the victim’s father, who teaches her forgiveness and gives her a new lease on life.

The annual reunion of six childhood friends at a cottage in the woods is marred by the revelation that one of them is guilty of sexual assault.

A couple sends their children to winter camp and then tries to rekindle the flame by engaging in a series of sexual experiments.