A teenager, who accidentally caused the death of his farmer father, is suspicious of a stranger who hangs around his mother under the guise of helping her.

Three immigrants, who arrived in Canada without their parents as children, share their stories.

In 1863, a family of French merchants, escorted by a mercenary with a troubled past, embark on a perilous journey to flee the Civil War–torn United States.

In New England at the end of the 19th century, tensions mount between two lighthouse keepers on an inhospitable island cut off from the rest of the world.

Forced to reconnect with his bourgeois family, a Montreal drug addict relives deep wounds that threaten everyone’s stability.

In a modest Montreal neighbourhood, two brothers are pressured by their uncle, a small-time drug dealer.

A young Montrealer travels to Tadoussac to find her biological mother, who had abandoned her at birth.

As he prepares to leave Montreal, a lonely boy with a bad attitude begins a romance with a girl unafraid of being herself.

In the aftermath of the Maple Spring, four young people continue in their own way to fight against neoliberalism and the established order.

Kidnapped by two young people he had caught committing a murder, a hunter is forced to lead them to the Gasp

In 1997, after the Apocalypse, an orphan goes to war against the leader of the ruined lands, in order to save the girl he loves.

A night guard in his sixties with a heart condition comes to the aid of the young burglar who saved his life.

An inmate’s inner thoughts become entangled with those of his former spouse and his elderly mother.

After making love, a young man and a young woman who met in a nightclub talk until dawn.

The hard road to adulthood of a precious teenager at odds with his mother, an unusual woman who raised him alone.

In rural Quebec at the beginning of the 20th century, a carpenter’s second wife becomes increasingly abusive against her young stepdaughter.

In the year 2039, Quebec explorers look for a new planet that will be able to accommodate the human species.

Portrayal of the fate of five people who were victims of the War Measures Act