At the request of their coach, the players of an amateur hockey team take a trip to the woods to prepare for an important game.

A homeless woman, who needs to reconnect with the son who was taken from her 20 years earlier, takes refuge in the basement of an elderly couple’s home.

Incomparable cultural and historical jewels, Chinatowns in major North American cities are threatened with extinction by real estate development.

In Sherbrooke, and on the international scene, Ensaf Haidar’s fight for the release of her husband, the blogger Raif Badawi, imprisoned in Saudi Arabia since 2012 for opinion crimes.

A Cree matriarch, a survivor of residential schools, recounts her struggle to preserve her daughter and obtain redress for the tragedies she endured.

Nearly twenty years after unwittingly becoming the first viral phenomenon of the digital age, Ghyslain Raza explores the impact of this painful experience on his life.

Exasperated by the tense atmosphere at home, a twelve-year-old girl maneuvers with her friends to get her parents to divorce.

After her mother refuses to take her back, a teenager runs away from the youth center where she has been living for three years, and falls under the influence of a seductive pimp.

Addicted to drugs and going through a divorce, a neurosurgeon returns to the native reserve where he grew up and where his father has just died.

On the eve of leaving Quebec, a Vietnamese businessman helps his ex-son-in-law find a Haitian refugee woman who has disappeared, leaving him to care for her young son.

During the 2020 confinement, an ultramarathoner challenges himself to run across the Gaspé Peninsula in one week.

Back in the Indigenous community where she grew up, a law student becomes involved in a controversial debate over the sale of alcohol.

The heiress of a publishing house on the verge of bankruptcy goes on a promotional tour with an antisocial and alcoholic English writer.

Worn out by illness, an elderly woman tells her grandson about a legend she bore witness to in her village of Saint-Élie-de-Caxton during her adolescence.

A Montreal photographer in debt travels to Belgium to liquidate his mother’s estate and recover the priceless mirror she left him.

After two years of absence, a fragile young woman is reunited with her four-year-old daughter and her husband who, with his new partner, is expecting a baby.

A boy sets out to find his father who disappeared at sea two years earlier while trying to find a legendary treasure on a remote island.

In 2043, in a North America ravaged by a civil war, an Indigenous woman tries to save her daughter, interned in a state-run boarding school.

In Montreal, a teenage girl traces her mother’s story through notebooks and photo albums documenting her youth in war-torn Lebanon.

In 1990, during the Oka Crisis, a young Mohawk woman from the Kahnawake reserve asks a feisty teenager to teach her to overcome her fears.

A gay airline pilot tries to convince his father, a homophobic and surly old man with dementia, to move from his farm to a nursing home.

An investigation into sexual abuse perpetrated by Catholic priests in New Brunswick between the 1950s and 1980s.

Portrait of Claude Lafortune, creator of the television shows “L’Évangile en papier” and “Parcelles de soleil,” which have lulled generations of Quebec children to sleep.

Placed in a youth protection group home, a 13-year-old girl finds an outlet for her anger by learning to play the guitar.

Upon learning that his days are numbered, a Montreal poetry teacher gets closer to his children and then returns to his native Ireland to write a book.

A 30-year-old Montrealer is plagued by frequent nightmares as he tries to shed light on the hunting accident that killed his father.

A 50-year-old man with terminal cancer returns to his hometown to see his friends and family one last time.

In the 1980s, a New York broker consumed by ambition returns to his native England, with his wife and children, on whom he imposes an extravagant lifestyle.

At the beginning of the 20th century, in the Lac Saint-Jean region, the daughter of a settler is courted by three men with very different personalities.

In Val-d’Or, a miner tries to redeem his past mistakes by participating in the rescue of five colleagues, trapped in a drilling shaft following an explosion.