The joyful adventures of an optimistic and impulsive mouse and a little white stuffed cat who thinks before he acts.

An employee of a lottery company is sent deep into the woods to interview a hermit who is reluctant to cash in his jackpot.

In 1940, the nephew of the mayor of a village in northern Quebec sets off with a young Amerindian woman in search of her mother, who may be able to cure him of his skin disease.

Exploration of several persistent stereotypes and prejudices associated with the image of the Afro-descendant woman for decades.

At the end of her life, the woman who made the Dufresne family fortune tells her son about the tumultuous relationship she once had with her father-in-law, before marrying his son.

A young couple buys a dilapidated house to transform it into their dream home, but the renovations turn into a nightmare.

A trucker travels to the other side of Canada to participate in a famous motorized rodeo with his 9-year-old daughter, whom he has kidnapped after losing custody.

In a luxurious seaside villa, a woman of modest tastes reconnects with her wealthy father and becomes acquainted with the latter’s tortuous entourage.

A tall, slender teenage water park lifeguard falls in love with a young cycling prodigy who is also coveted by her older sister.

Heir to a vast estate in Gaspésie, a Montreal priest sets off for the summer to live with the itinerants who inhabit his dilapidated church.

One week after the Fukushima tsunami, two modest employees of a large bank in Tokyo have some incredible adventures.

The unexpected return of his sister disrupts the life of an immature young man who is a master of role-playing.

On vacation in Quebec, a French teenager experiences his first love with the daughter of a friend of his mother.

A farm woman from the Eastern Townships, who lives with her daughter and two sisters, comes to believe that the property is haunted by the spirit of her late father.

In 1968, after the assassination of Martin Luther King, writer Romain Gary and his wife Jean Seberg took in an abandoned white dog, which was trained to attack black people.

Tormented by her responsibility in a fatal accident, a former snowboarding champion undergoes harrowing experiences that make her question her sanity.

Interviews with some members of the Islamic State armed group in captivity in Syrian Kurdistan.

In Témiscouata, a journalist sparks a feud between a volunteer fireman and his brother, a notorious hothead, both from a family of poachers.

After her mother refuses to take her back, a teenager runs away from the youth center where she has been living for three years, and falls under the influence of a seductive pimp.

In the fall of 1926 in La Tuque, 12-year-old Félix Leclerc befriends a boy his own age from a very poor family, who helps him hear the call of the sea.

During the Christmas vacation, two gangs of children compete in a fight to the finish for possession of a snow fort.

Recording of the hundreth and final performance of Marie-Mai’s “”Miroir”” tour, interspersed with an interview of the singer and a look into the backstage area of the Bell Centre.

A look at one of the most important gatherings of amateur runners and cyclists in Quebec, created at the initiative of triathlete and motivator Pierre Lavoie.

After losing her supepowers, a young woman joins the few people in Los Angeles who survived a virus that turned humanity into the undead.

Following a series of blunders, two police officers going through hard times are assigned to a thankless surveillance mission by their boss, who is himself in the midst of a marital meltdown.

Because of an indiscretion, a film student is sequestered by a vigilante cab driver, who puts individuals of questionable character to death.

On Christmas Eve, a snow plowman struggles to complete his gift shopping in the middle of a snowstorm.