After the senseless murder of his daughter during an initiation rite, a man swears revenge and kills the murderer himself, whom the law cannot directly link to the case.

Released after serving a sentence for drunk driving causing death, a man is threatened by a member of his victims’ family.

The director paints a portrait of his father, actor Leonard Nimoy, made world-famous by his character Spock in the “Star Trek” series.

The intertwined destinies of an untouchable Indian woman, the daughter of an Italian craftsman and a Canadian female lawyer.

Portrait of a group of wheelchair athletes as they converge in British Columbia, Canada for the BC Summer Race Series.

A greedy prospector and his daughter face a variety of perils as they set out to harvest gems buried in a toxic forest on a distant moon.

On a remote island, a property developer and his girlfriend are pursued by bloodthirsty locals.

In Toronto in 1989, as drugs take their toll on the city’s streets, a man sets out to find his little brother, who has been kidnapped.

A mother discovers that her daughter who has been welcomed into the circle of the cheerleaders at her new school is spending her evenings prostituting herself to the richest men in town.

A policeman accused of a murder he didn’t commit returns to his former life to clear his name.

The conflicting opinions of two First Nations men as they prepare to set up a roadblock.

During a mountain outing, three mountain bikers have a deadly encounter with hunters.

After his father’s death, a brilliant student returns to the family home, where he discovers that the horrors of his childhood are still very much alive.

The inspiration behind Thomas Kinkade’s paintings, and how the artist was inspired after discovering his mother was in danger of losing their family home.

A reformed hunter living in isolation becomes involved in a deadly game of cat and mouse when he and the local Sheriff set out to track a vicious killer who may have kidnapped his daughter years ago.

A depressed man living on the bangs of society sets out to find the murderer of his father, a serial killer who strikes every year on Father’s Day.

The story of Burger Baron, a fast food chain operating like a disorganized mafia.

In the mid-1970s, a shy young Vietnamese woman is having trouble adjusting to Canada, where her family has taken refuge.

Threatened with death by criminals, a young American single mother enlists the help of her father, who has retired to the Cayman Islands.

A hired hand plans to eventually take over his boss farm are shattered when the son of the latter returns to claim his birthright.

A detective and his new partner investigate the murders of their colleagues, perpetrated with the same methods used by a now-deceased serial killer and torturer.

During a trip to the city, a rabbit is led by a fellow bunny into an ambitious dried fruit heist.

A detective, a medical examiner, and his assistant investigate murders bearing the signature of a serial killer who died 10 years earlier.

In New York City, a former hitman returns to seek revenge on the son of a Russian kingpin who stole his car and killed the puppy his deceased wife left him.

On Prince Edward Island, a small-time private detective investigates an underground lobster-selling ring, with the help of a convenience store owner.

Willing to reconcile the pressure of school and the recent loss of her father, a student starts taking the medication prescribed by her doctor for her brother, who suffers from ADHD.

After an Electro Magnetic Pulse weapon is deployed, anything electrical has been rendered useless, sending North American nations into anarchy.

Ten years after a mining accident that took her parents’ lives, a bassist on tour in Europe briefly returns to her Abitibi town, where she reconnects with her old band.

Two estranged brothers find themselves stalked by a terrifying unknown presence while on a weekend hunting trip in remote British Columbia.