A mystery writer is horrified to find that a murderer is using the stories she publishes online to commit his crimes.

A teenage girl befriends the mysterious boy who lives in the attic of her new home.

A relationship columnist challenges a renowned matchmaker to find her the man of her dreams.

When she gives a dog to a famous but fading furniture designer, an aspiring designer fears that he has adopted the animal only for image purposes.

A single mother and chef sees her dreams for the future shattered when a tech innovator buys her family’s restaurant to turn it into a trendy place.

In 1935 in the Canadian Far North, a young Inuit rebel kills a fur trader, forcing him to move away from his people.

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When her baby is kidnapped, a young woman, who shared her experience as a new mother on a blog, suspects that the kidnapper might be someone she knows.

A former Boston detective teams up with a doctor, who was once his lover, to investigate the murder of an art gallery owner.

A teenage girl enrolls in a private school for girls in order to get revenge on one of the teachers who just happens to bethe biological mother who abandoned her at birth.

At her sister’s wedding in Beverly Hills, a photographer realizes that the groom’s best man is her ex-boyfriend.

In mourning for his wife, the father of a teenage girl and a little boy gets help from a cousin who turns out to be a psychopath.

At her sister’s insistence, a young woman begins a relationship with a man who, after a first date, turns out to be possessive and obsessive.

After her graduate internship falls through, a young woman takes a job as a babysitter and comes to suspect her employer might be involved in a murder plot.

During an international chocolate competition in Belgium, an American woman falls in love with a charming rival.

A man and a woman, who have each bought half of the same duplex to renovate and resell, see their rivalry turn into love.

A young woman is deeply suspicious of her best friend’s new boyfriend.

Returning to her hometown after the death of her beloved aunt, a woman fears for her life and that of her blind daughter when an accountant friend becomes too eager to help her.

Out of jealousy, a possessive and psychologically unstable nurse poisons the life of her daughter’s future mother-in-law.

A woman sees her fiancé’s ex resurface, determined to win him back and plunge him back into their drug-addicted life.

In 2002, a young UN agent in Baghdad discovers the existence of a corruption network within the framework of the “Oil-for-Food” humanitarian program.

During her birthday party, a manipulative young woman, the object of all the envy, makes a dramatic gesture with unexpected consequences.

A CIA agent, who has hidden his drone flying activities from his family, has a Pakistani businessman arrive at his home seeking revenge on him.

Suffering from dementia, a Holocaust survivor follows the instructions of a disabled friend to find the ex-Nazi who exterminated their families.

With the help of his brother and an old friend, an ex-French special forces agent pursues organ traffickers in Manila who have stolen one of his kidneys.

A lonely, self-made person from Montreal begins an affair with a young Hasidic Jewish mother.

A remorseful young prosecutor tries to exonerate the man accused of killing the pedestrian he hit.

Following the gruesome murder of three boys in an Arkansas town in 1993, three teenage Satanists are charged in a controversial trial.

In Toronto, a history professor comes into contact with a third-rate actor whom he recognizes as his exact look-alike.

Stranded on a planet infested with bloodthirsty monsters, a prisoner on the run sends out a distress signal that is picked up by two rival bands of bounty hunters.