Kidnapped at birth, a young woman is reunited 20 years later with her biological mother a criminal lawyer with political ambitions who comes into conflict with her daughter.

A teenage girl struggles to make herself be believed when she claims to have escaped from a kidnapper who a detective believes is a serial killer.

A vigilante will do anything to avenge the death of his fianc

A mystery writer is horrified to find that a murderer is using the stories she publishes online to commit his crimes.

In 1926, a young actor who left Montreal to try his luck in Hollywood meets a charming Mormon woman.

A New York City lawyer, who narrowly escaped death as a child, is visited by a doctor who claims to be able to predict people’s deaths.

In 1935 in the Canadian Far North, a young Inuit rebel kills a fur trader, forcing him to move away from his people.

Back in her hometown to take care of her nephew and niece, a marketing expert reconnects with her high school boyfriend.

Police investigate a fire in the home of two doctors, in which their two children died.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a young mother witnesses strange and disturbing phenomena in her home.

At her sister’s insistence, a young woman begins a relationship with a man who, after a first date, turns out to be possessive and obsessive.

A young woman suspects her biological mother, whom she has just met, of being involved in her husband’s murder.

Upon learning that the most popular girl from her high school has implicated her in a scandal, a young babysitter plots her revenge.

An unknown journalist with dreams of being a hot-shot reporter sees her luck change when she finds herself the victim of a kidnapping.

When her husband returns from living outside their community, an Amish woman fears for her son’s safety and strives to gain custody of him.

While working on a class project, three college students encounter a ghost on Bucket Road, the most haunted road in America.

Aided by a female secret society to regain control of her life, a young woman realizes that she must participate in illegal activities in return.

A young woman is deeply suspicious of her best friend’s new boyfriend.

A plastic surgeon’s career and family life are threatened by a misguided patient.

A young woman uses a friend, about to be released from prison, as an instrument in her revenge against her stepfather, whom she holds responsible for her mother’s suicide.

A bachelorette party is disrupted by a former student whose hockey career was shattered after his conviction for the gang rape of the bride-to-be.

Amnesiac since a mysterious accident, a man realizes that he causes the death of every living being that approaches him, except a woman, who has also lost her memory.

The father of a family of small-time schemers enters politics and becomes prime minister, while his girlfriend, on vacation in Cuba, finds love with a beautiful stranger.

A widowed child psychiatrist, who lives with her disabled stepson, becomes convinced that she is haunted by the ghost of a young deaf patient who has mysteriously disappeared.

Suffering from dementia, a Holocaust survivor follows the instructions of a disabled friend to find the ex-Nazi who exterminated their families.

The director of a psychiatric hospital calls for an interview with a disturbed patient, whom he suspects of being involved in the sudden disappearance of his attending physician.

In Montreal, a lonely and embittered cab driver opens his own investigation to uncover the secret of a passenger he has fallen in love with.

Paralyzed by writer

While sitting on a jury in Toronto, a Quebec architect, who lives with a wife suffering from anxiety disorders, spends a night with a married cultural official.