A medieval novelist is hired as a matchmaker by a real-life prince in search of true love before his royal wedding date.

A young woman is torn between two suitors during the holiday season.

When her fiancé cancels their wedding, a young woman is heartbroken, especially as her best friend and professional rival recovers these cancellations for her own nuptials.

An entrepreneur takes a break from her wellness empire. Will a relaxing retreat and new romance change her life?

After inheriting the family restaurant, a chef falls in love with one of her employees.

An aspiring writer signs a text under a false name, so as not to displease her mother, who would like to see her succeed her as head of a big company.

While trying to dissuade her friend from leaving New York to live with her fiancé on a ranch in Wyoming, a young woman gets caught at her own game.

The story of a man and his wife, who separated after 10 years when attempts to have a baby were unsuccessful.

An ambitious New York event planner is hired by an influential website editor to orchestrate his niece’s birthday party.

An event planner, putting the finishing touches on her best friend’s wedding, finds the situation complicated when she falls in love with the groom’s best man.

An unhappy relationship manager agrees to taste the desserts of an aspiring pastry chef, in exchange for his advice on how to meet the perfect man.

A doctoral student in linguistics is approached by an attractive man who wants to learn French.

An inventor of manicure devices calls on a marketing expert to promote sales of her products.

A podcast producer falls in love with a man who she must make a star in order to save her career.

An astronomy teacher falls in love with a new colleague who teaches math.

A professor, who is conducting a study on love at first sight between strangers, has to play the game herself, to make her results more credible.

Excited for a calm Christmas, Mike Mitchell unexpectedly gets roped into a Christmas House decorating reality TV show against his brother.

An aspiring columnist helps her best friend find the first woman he ever loved.

Determined to save her family from bankruptcy, a city girl restores the pumpkin patch her father bought.

A list of items to be donated by her late mother, whom she never knew, forces a down-to-earth doctoral student to change her way of thinking.

As Christmas approaches, the romance between a single mother and father is jeopardized by the hatred of their respective teenage daughters.

With her father ill, an artist finds herself in charge of designing the flower float ordered by his demanding client.

A dysfunctional family hires a specialist to take over the organization of the holiday season for them.