Forced to work together, various rival Chicago radio personalities must find common ground.

On the eve of her wedding to the man she believes is the one, a young woman starts to question everything when her parents separate.

When her fiancé cancels their wedding, a young woman is heartbroken, especially as her best friend and professional rival recovers these cancellations for her own nuptials.

An event planner, putting the finishing touches on her best friend’s wedding, finds the situation complicated when she falls in love with the groom’s best man.

A doctoral student in linguistics is approached by an attractive man who wants to learn French.

Two childhood friends inherit the restaurant where they met as teenagers, but on one condition: they must get married in order to claim the inheritance.

A fashion designer, who sells her creations out of the trunk of her car, teams up with a handsome entrepreneur when the task becomes too much for her.

As a bridesmaid at her best friend’s wedding, a young woman meets the handsome brother of another bride-to-be.

On a writing retreat at Lake Tahoe, an aspiring novelist falls in love with the innkeeper who hosts her.

Although he resents the woman who almost killed his sister in an accident, a young man comes to like her after they are brought together to work.

Leaving her hometown to try her luck as a fashion designer in San Francisco, a young woman also finds love in the bustling city.

A young woman comes to help her father, who runs a candle factory, and falls in love with a young writer who is temporarily staying at the family home.

After training in perfumery in Paris, a young woman returns to her small town in British Columbia to open a store and sell her own perfume.

Excited for a calm Christmas, Mike Mitchell unexpectedly gets roped into a Christmas House decorating reality TV show against his brother.

On the verge of accepting her dream job in London, a young executive rediscovers her love for painting, when she comes in contact with a charming resident of her home town.

With her wedding plans put on hold, a country music star becomes the subject of a thousand and one speculations about her love life.

Back in her hometown a few days before Christmas, an architect causes an uproar with her plan to transform the majestic local theater into a multiplex.

As Christmas approaches, the romance between a single mother and father is jeopardized by the hatred of their respective teenage daughters.

With her father ill, an artist finds herself in charge of designing the flower float ordered by his demanding client.

In 1955, Dennis Stock, a freelance photographer for Life magazine, devotes a piece to James Dean, the rising star of Hollywood.

A rancher’s daughter does the impossible to save two horses stuck in two meters of snow in the mountains.

A dysfunctional family hires a specialist to take over the organization of the holiday season for them.

Blackmailed by the stranger he spent the night with, a Wall Street broker leaves with her for Ontario, where he must pose as her fianc

As he forges a strong bond with his new mother, an orphan is met with the indifference of his adoptive father, a gruff fisherman.

To fulfill their coach’s last wish, four former curlers team up to win an important tournament.

A withdrawn teenager who dreams of leaving her Cape Breton village befriends her new, very resourceful neighbor.