An overworked single mother hires a babysitter who turns out to be deranged.

The first face-to-face meeting between two women, who have maintained a friendship by letter since childhood, takes a disturbing turn.

A young man sets out to get revenge on the alcoholic teenager responsible for the car accident that crippled his brother.

Twin girls react in diametrically opposed ways to their mother

A single mother falls in love with a new neighbour unaware that he has conned several women one of whom is plotting his murder.

A TV host profiles an ambitious florist who would like to have her own show.

In order to pay her husband’s hospital bills, a woman rents out rooms in their home to people online, including a rather disturbing young girl.

Left at the altar, a young woman leaves on her honeymoon with her best female friend.

A young girl discovers that the heart she has just received through transplant belonged to a member of her own family who was allegedly a victim of murder.

After killing her husband, a woman with a personality disorder tries to seduce a neighbour by making him believe that she needs his protection.

A cartoonist with a complex about her breasts tells the story of a director who is unable to finish his film about a supermodel turned writer since losing his penis.

In an inhospitable forest, a man wakes up with amnesia and trapped with a broken leg in a wrecked car containing a dead body and a bag full of money.