A young pregnant woman is terrorized by her ex-boyfriend, with little her new partner can do about it.

A prosecutor works on a case that painfully reminds her of her mother

An ambitious New York event planner is hired by an influential website editor to orchestrate his niece’s birthday party.

A woman alienates the people of her hometown when she claims she was drugged and raped by the local doctor.

On a writing retreat at Lake Tahoe, an aspiring novelist falls in love with the innkeeper who hosts her.

To get her colleague to breakup with his girlfriend, a young woman impersonates her rival and sends compromising emails in her name.

A young woman obtains the help of a restaurant owner to find the man of her dreams, crossed in the latter’s establishment.

A young girl discovers that the heart she has just received through transplant belonged to a member of her own family who was allegedly a victim of murder.

A year after her father’s arrest, a young lesbian goes in search of her brother, who has mysteriously disappeared.

A meteorologist and her team board a plane to observe a developing hurricane and find themselves in the middle of a tropical storm.

To fulfill their coach’s last wish, four former curlers team up to win an important tournament.