A famous author hires a personal assistant to work out of her home but doesn’t realize that the woman is a deranged fan who plans on taking over her whole life.

To help her mother pay her debts, a young woman embarks on a series of burglaries.

Police investigate a fire in the home of two doctors, in which their two children died.

A young woman seeks advice from a friend on the best way to impress her crush.

A former Boston detective teams up with a doctor, who was once his lover, to investigate the murder of an art gallery owner.

After breaking up with her boyfriend, a young mother witnesses strange and disturbing phenomena in her home.

Upon learning that the most popular girl from her high school has implicated her in a scandal, a young babysitter plots her revenge.

A nun is led by circumstances to investigate, on her own, a series of murders committed in her abbey.

A baker is suspected of the murder of her rival, who opened a store right across the street from hers.