Killed in a robbery, a thirty-year-old woman is resuscitated in the hospital, then goes through psychotic episodes because of this life-after-death experience.

After stabbing his father, a Quebec City teenager runs away with a classmate and finds refuge in a squat building.

Kidnapped by two young people he had caught committing a murder, a hunter is forced to lead them to the Gasp

A young Quebec woman who works as an obstetrician in a Palestinian clinic befriends one of her patients as well as an Israeli soldier who lives in her building.

A disillusioned and unmarried civil servant escapes his boring life by taking refuge in fantasies of glory and feminine conquests.

While a gay party is being prepared in a cabaret, a homemaker invites her friends to glue stamps.

Portrayal of the fate of five people who were victims of the War Measures Act