A Haitian-born night janitor is shaken by the return of his younger brother into his life, who makes a disturbing revelation about their father.

The story of former diplomat Gary Smith and the role he played between Canada and the Soviet Union during the 1972 field hockey series, during the Cold War.

After accidentally causing the death of a high school student, a French teenager has various experiences with the deceased’s best friend.

A solitary man, dressed and equipped like a soldier, travels the roads of rural Quebec.

In the middle of winter, a lonely young woman offers hospitality to a homeless alcoholic who had taken up residence in the courtyard of her building.

While waiting for his cargo to be repaired at the shipyard in Levis, an Ivorian mechanic, wrongly blamed for the damage, is lodged with a single mother.

Obsessed with his English-speaking neighbour, a young French-speaking man with a bad attitude falls into an acute neurosis.

The very regular lives of a janitor and his overprotected pre-teen daughter are turned upside down when they both, unbeknownst each other, are indirectly involved in a dramatic event.

To escape her abusive husband, a woman runs away to start a new life under a new identity with her teenage son.