After an accident puts her husband in a coma, a woman, already shaken by a miscarriage, discovers troubling secrets about the man with whom she shared her life for seven years.

An ex-New York lawyer, now a florist in her small hometown, investigates with a bar-owning neighbour a hit-and-run that may be linked to a murder.

A famous author hires a personal assistant to work out of her home but doesn’t realize that the woman is a deranged fan who plans on taking over her whole life.

A young widow saves a man’s life during a robbery, only to become the object of his relentless gratitude.

Before marrying her doctor fiancé, a shy illustrator sets out to seduce a wealthy businessman, inspired by the sensual and daring comic book alter ego she has created for herself.

An ex-lawyer turned florist is wrongly accused of the murder of a former rival who taught law at the university where her daughter is studying.

A nun is led by circumstances to investigate, on her own, a series of murders committed in her abbey.

In a state of post-traumatic shock since her return from Iraq, a soldier is accused by the army of having caused the death of two Americans during a shooting.