As Christmas approaches, the co-hosts of a home improvement show develop feelings for each other.

A hired hand plans to eventually take over his boss farm are shattered when the son of the latter returns to claim his birthright.

A portrait of five talented homeless songwriters who take their songs to the streets and subways of Toronto.

The adventures of a butterfly who insists on flying despite a wing that is too short, a fellow butterfly who overcomes her fear of heights, and a caterpillar who is eager to become a butterfly.

After inheriting the family restaurant, a chef falls in love with one of her employees.

Fleeing a city that is too dangerous, a couple about to have a child moves to a suburb, where the neighborhood proves to be just as disturbing.

The ordeal of a woman on the run who killed her husband in self-defense.

A hydroelectric dam project in British Columbia has uprooted the region’s Aboriginal people, who were supposedly protected by a federal treaty signed a century ago.

On a writing retreat at Lake Tahoe, an aspiring novelist falls in love with the innkeeper who hosts her.

A young boy struggles with his widowed mother’s decision to relocate the family from Jamaica to Canada.

In Montreal, a thirty-something tech-savvy woman has an unbounded fascination for a man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing three teenage girls.

A podcast producer falls in love with a man who she must make a star in order to save her career.

Following her mother’s last wish, a barmaid sets off to ask her five ex-husbands to scatter her ashes in the place most meaningful to each of them.

It tells the story of four girls who form an intense and obsessive bond while reclaiming an abandoned farmhouse in an isolated farming community. (Source: IMDB)

A newly-married gunfighter reconnects with his criminal past when he shoots the brother of his small town’s corrupt mayor in self-defense.

The survivors of a massacre on an excursion train take a memorial ride on the same train a year later, where a new masked killer goes on the rampage.

In charge of covering the Christmas festivities of a famous family for a magazine, a photographer hides from her colleague that she herself is part of this family.

After having a one-night stand with her new intern, a project manager realizes he wants more, and will do anything to get it.

A Toronto dentist is demanding to know the truth about the death of his wife, who was aboard a Ukrainian plane shot down on January 8, 2020 in the skies over Tehran by Islamic terrorists.

After finally finding her soul mate, a young woman discovers, to her great surprise, the existence of another person who seems just as much made for her.

Skilfully intertwining narratives concerning residential school survivors and Indigenous peoples’ relationship with imperiled wild Pacific salmon, Sean Stiller’s stirring documentary is a revelatory testament to strength and resilience. (Source: IMDB)

In the 19th century, in the African kingdom of Dahomey, the exploits of General Nanisca, at the head of a military unit composed entirely of women.

In a school frequented by monsters, the ordeals of a half-human, half-lycanthrope teenager.

An Indigenous teenager, who is an amateur filmmaker, is shocked by the discovery of a video that sheds new light on his family.

A rebellious teenager sets out to find his birth mother, hoping to reconnect with his Native American roots.

Artificial intelligence researchers consider the creation of immortal versions of human beings.

The life and work of the legendary jazz composer and pianist, born in Montreal in 1925.

The heir apparent of an Italian haute couture dynasty marries a woman willing to do anything to secure her place in their prestigious family.