Killed in a robbery, a thirty-year-old woman is resuscitated in the hospital, then goes through psychotic episodes because of this life-after-death experience.

A young woman is torn between two suitors during the holiday season.

An overworked single mother hires a babysitter who turns out to be deranged.

A team of scientists is trying to prevent the planet Mercury, destabilized by the passage of a comet, from colliding with the Earth.

A mystery writer is horrified to find that a murderer is using the stories she publishes online to commit his crimes.

Stranded on a remote island, five young people must confront a mysterious assailant who eliminates them one by one.

Infected with a virus, the computer that controls a school’s security system begins to cause deadly accidents.

When her fiancé cancels their wedding, a young woman is heartbroken, especially as her best friend and professional rival recovers these cancellations for her own nuptials.

An entrepreneur takes a break from her wellness empire. Will a relaxing retreat and new romance change her life?

After inheriting the family restaurant, a chef falls in love with one of her employees.

An aspiring writer signs a text under a false name, so as not to displease her mother, who would like to see her succeed her as head of a big company.

While trying to dissuade her friend from leaving New York to live with her fiancé on a ranch in Wyoming, a young woman gets caught at her own game.

The story of a man and his wife, who separated after 10 years when attempts to have a baby were unsuccessful.

The first face-to-face meeting between two women, who have maintained a friendship by letter since childhood, takes a disturbing turn.

A teenage girl befriends the mysterious boy who lives in the attic of her new home.

A young man sets out to get revenge on the alcoholic teenager responsible for the car accident that crippled his brother.

Twin girls react in diametrically opposed ways to their mother

A relationship columnist challenges a renowned matchmaker to find her the man of her dreams.

An ambitious New York event planner is hired by an influential website editor to orchestrate his niece’s birthday party.

An event planner, putting the finishing touches on her best friend’s wedding, finds the situation complicated when she falls in love with the groom’s best man.

An unhappy relationship manager agrees to taste the desserts of an aspiring pastry chef, in exchange for his advice on how to meet the perfect man.

A doctoral student in linguistics is approached by an attractive man who wants to learn French.

An inventor of manicure devices calls on a marketing expert to promote sales of her products.

A single mother falls in love with a new neighbour unaware that he has conned several women one of whom is plotting his murder.

When she gives a dog to a famous but fading furniture designer, an aspiring designer fears that he has adopted the animal only for image purposes.

Two childhood friends inherit the restaurant where they met as teenagers, but on one condition: they must get married in order to claim the inheritance.

A single mother and chef sees her dreams for the future shattered when a tech innovator buys her family’s restaurant to turn it into a trendy place.

A TV host profiles an ambitious florist who would like to have her own show.

After an accident puts her husband in a coma, a woman, already shaken by a miscarriage, discovers troubling secrets about the man with whom she shared her life for seven years.

A gifted teenager, his father, and a gang of juvenile delinquents attempt to stop a wave of red tornadoes with a science project.